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With us on contract with your business, you won’t have to worry about roofing issues again. Our team will provide annual inspections as well as fast, comprehensive repairs to any issues that you may have.

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Roof inspections include the following: (i) visual inspection of the roof membrane and roof surface conditions; and (ii) inspection of the flashings.


A checklist will be completed detailing (i) current conditions observed and (ii) corrective repairs necessary.


During the inspection, normal housekeeping will be performed. This will include (i) debris removal from field membrane and (ii) removal of debris from around the drain covers, gutters, and scuppers. Note: Debris left behind by contractors or as a result of a natural disaster is not included during inspection.

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Drip edge icon

Protective drip edge

All of our drip edge has a lip on the bottom to keep any rain from running down your fascia and leaving unwanted stains.

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Rotten decking icon

No rotten decking

Rotten decking greatly degrades the entire structural integrity of a roof. We completely remove and replace any rotten decking that we find.

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Double layer of underlayment icon

Two layers of waterproof underlayment

For a secure, water-tight seal, we use two layers of waterproof, synthetic underlayment. This provides an extra layer of protection from Florida's harsh rain.

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Cap nail icon

Leak-resistant button cap nails

Cap nails have wide, durable caps that create a water-tight seal with the synthetic underlayment. This ensures that no water gets in through the nailed holes.

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Hip and ridge shingle icon

Hip & ridge-specific shingles

Instead of cutting regular shingles like other contractors, we use specialized hip and ridge cap shingles for a water-tight seal across your entire roof.

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Two nails next to each other icon

More, closer nails for a stronger roof

It's important that your roofing contractor keeps the nails on the deck up-to-code to be able to withstand Florida's weather. We go above and beyond and nail every 4 inches instead of the recommended 6.

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Bullet boot on roof icon

Industrial-grade bullet boot

We use a super durable, industrial-grade bullet boot to ensure the maximum lifespan and water-resistance of your roof.

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Putting chalk lines on roof icon

Chalk lines to ensure straight shingles

To ensure that your roof looks straight and perfect, we add chalk lines for our team to follow during the installation process.

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