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New: Eco-Friendly, Recycled

Ecoslate Roofing


Get a roof that is better for your home & better for the environment.

Your new Ecoslate roof is:

  • stronger against falling debris
  • more resilient against uplift in high winds
  • fire and mildew resistant for Florida homes
  • made almost entirely from recycled materials
  • less than ½ the cost of real slate

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  • Products made from 95% repurposed materials
  • 100% recyclable
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Wind Protection

  • Meets and exceeds Florida requirements
  • Can withstand winds in excess of 180 mph
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  • Unmatched authentic look of slate
  • Enhance overall home appearance
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Hail Protection

  • Highest hail impact rating
  • Class IV impact resistance
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Lifetime Warranty

  • Fully transferable
  • Lifetime protection
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Maintenance Free

  • Will not rot, crack, split, or warp
  • Mold, mildew, and insect-resistant
95% Recycled From Reclaimed Plastics, Fibers & Rubber

“Thanks, it’s recycled.”


Lead your neighborhood by example. Be on the forefront of our shift to sustainably-sourced building materials. Enjoy all the curb appeal of slate roofing, but using a proprietary composite blend made from 95% recycled materials, like plastics and elastomers. Ecoslate means less money out of your pocket and less waste in our landfills.

½ The Cost Of Real Slate

Get The Authentic Look of Slate, For Much Less


Traditional slate has a rich, distinguished look but is expensive to install, prone to cracking and chipping, and subject to mold, mildew, and algae. That’s why Ecoslate is a smart choice for Florida homeowners who want a roof they’ll love, but at a better value than traditional slate.

Doesn’t Crack, Doesn’t Chip

The Highest Impact Rating Possible


Not only does our Level 4 Impact Rating means you can enjoy peace-of-mind against falling debris, like hail, it also entitles you to homeowner insurance discounts where available. This means you’ll get a beautiful roof that lasts, and a little more cash in your wallet.

Long-Lasting & Durable

Maintenance-free for Decades


Ecoslate will retain its physical properties and look for decades. It’s sold with a lifetime warranty that is fully transferable within the first 50 years for residential projects, and a 50 year warranty for commercial projects.

For High, Florida Winds

Tested Up To 180MPH


Roof passed wind uplift test as per ASTM D 3161-99a, and Miami Dade at 180mph. High wind speeds are unavoidable for Florida residents, and so our Ecoslate roofing is built with your needs in mind.

Limited Availability

This product has limited availability


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