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How We Handle Roof Transitions (Video)

What we do different
Mar 23, 2021

Hey guys, it’s Jake with Central Homes Roofing again. Here’s we’re on a roof that we completed. We have both a cap sheet flat roof and certainty landmark shingles. One of the biggest details that we make sure of is that whenever we install this transition, the cap sheet goes up 24 inches past the transition up under the shingles to ensure that there’s a nice smooth, sealed transition as well as, as you can see here, we got one of those bullet boots installed. Because this was cap sheet and not torch down we were able to actually install the rubber there. If it would have been a torch down system, we would have had to give a lead boot because, well, the torch would have melted the rubber. But this is one of our finished products and it looks great to me.