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We perform repairs on shingle roofs and flat roofs. We offer a 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all repairs. Hire a professional who has 10 years of experience locating the source of the issue and fixing it as quickly and smoothly as possible. Our team works fast to ensure a clean and professional experience.







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Dean Marchetti
Dean Marchetti
15:01 03 Feb 17
I would like to say that both my wife Edina and I were extremely pleased with the whole experience. From the first phone call to the end Central Homes crew were very professional and friendly. Jacob our salesman deserves special recognition, not only was he caring and concerned with our needs he took the time and effort to keep us informed of the process until the end. Everything that was promised to us was delivered on time and professionally installed. The roofing crew showed up on time and were very professional and caring, they paid special attention to detail and after the job was complete they made sure that everything was cleaned up like they weren't even there. These days its hard to find an honest caring company who's concerned about your wants and needs and does not overcharge or escalate there prices this is one excellent caring old school company. I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for roof repairs or installs.
Joshua Williams
Joshua Williams
14:53 20 Jul 15
I love my new kitchen. Paco and his crew were very professional, showed great attention to detail and were very respectful of my home. I'm also impressed with their timeliness as I needed this remodel done rather quickly. I have already recommended him to several friends and family members already. Thanks for the great work.
Jose Dalmau
Jose Dalmau
16:59 12 Aug 15
I have used Central Homes for several projects and they have always done a great job! They are very reliable, have always stayed on schedule, and most importantly do exceptional work. Great customer service and top quality workmanship is what you get when dealing with this company.
chris lerch
chris lerch
13:11 21 Jul 15
Francisco Dalmau is a consummate professional and extremely gifted in his interactions with customers. In a world moving further and further away from customer relations, Central Homes Roofing and Flooring is a breath of fresh air. When hiring them, expect to build an ongoing professional relationship (more akin to a friendship) that will extend beyond your immediate contracting needs.
Mark Imhoof
Mark Imhoof
23:51 03 Jun 17
Irene took care of us from the get go. I called several other companies to repair the roof after Hurricane Matthew. Irene went through the whole procedure with me and was communicative the entire time. They came out and did an awesome job on the roof within two days. The reason I cannot praise them enough is the endless patience that they showed throughout the entire insurance process. Next hurricane I know who I will call. Great company!
Bob Ray
Bob Ray
18:19 13 Jun 17
Central Homes Roofing provided us quick, easy and quality roof replacement at a good value. Their staff was easy to work with, took on the burden of dealing with our insurance company and accommodated our desires for roofing material, color and quality. The pointed out needed repairs to the roof decking and fascia and replaced poorer quality materials with higher quality material. They take pride in their work which is something rarely seen these days. Highly recommended!
Debby Sutton
Debby Sutton
14:25 25 Aug 17
Great experience with Irene,the sales manager . I was skeptical at first introduction, I have not had great experience with insurance claims, however Irene gave guidance and reassured the whole way. She took personal responsibility to meet with the insurance assessor and she maintained contact with me throughout. From submitting the claim to completion was fast, painless and smooth. The roof was removed and replaced all in one day, AMAZING. Thank you for steering me through this.
Virgil Kent
Virgil Kent
20:01 20 Oct 17
I first want to say how thankful I am that there are companies like this that really put the customer first. As everyone knows we were hit by a hurricane which caused severe damage across the state of Florida. My house was one of thousands that sustained roof damage. Besides having to deal with the storm we were in the middle of selling our house. I don't have to tell you how stressful that is and to make matters worse dealing with getting the roof repaired before the closing. Two days after the storm I called central homes roofing which my realtor suggested and spoke with Jacob. Not only was he understanding of my situation, he was also reassuring that everything would work out fine. Even though they were very busy Jacob came out to the house processed the right paperwork and had my roof secured and protected from any further damage. He took all the information that was required for my insurance company and assisted with getting an adjuster out so that we could get the repairs done in a timely matter. Even before all the final details we're completed by the insurance company Jacob and central homes roofing was scheduling and repairing my roof. They didn't charge me a dime until all the work was completed and I was completely satisfied. This company went above and beyond to make sure that my roof was repaired and replaced properly and it was done before the closing. They were fast to respond, fast to repair and fast to communicate the entire process. They were very professional, up front and very clean. It's good to know that there are still companies that truly care and want to make a bad situation turn out good. THANK YOU Jacob and Central Homes Roofing.
Diana Reyes
Diana Reyes
14:03 21 Oct 17
I had a great experience with Derek, he explained everything since day 1. Great customer service, he answered every question I had and make sure the work was done in a timely matter. I had a wonderful experience, I will refer my friends and family to him. Thank you Derek for the wonderful work you deserve a 5 star.
Mike Evans
Mike Evans
18:32 22 Oct 17
We had a new roof put on two years ago. fast, expert, installation, with the best materials available. Fast clean up, with no property damage. After installation I had a private inspector do a wind mitigation report. The inspector told me that was one of the best roofing insulations he had seen in quite a while . I was able to reduce my homeowners insurance by $300, because of the way the roof was installed, and reinforced, with the proper clips, and nails the right length. The ultimate test was hurricane Irma, and we had no leaks and did not lose any shingles. I would highly recommend this company. very professional, but also very friendly and polite.
Kristin Bever
Kristin Bever
14:29 22 Oct 17
I had a great experience with Central Homes Roofing. It was seamless, quick, and very pleasant. They are a locally owned company and I didn’t have to put any money up front which made me feel comfortable. The roof looks great and I am very pleased! Would definitely recommend them!!
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Licensed Roofer Repairs roof of home in Lake Mary FL at Timacuan Blvd

Have you noticed that your roof is falling into disrepair? If the roof of your home or investment property is suffering from one of the top eight warning signs, it is time to reach out to a roofing contractor. A healthy roof is well worth investing in. Along with increasing a home’s market value and protecting it from expensive water damage, a new roof can potentially lower insurance premiums and reduce energy bills. 

Here in Florida, where our weather can significantly reduce the usable life of a roof, it is especially important to hire an expert roofing company. We at Central Homes Roofing expanded our services to include roofing because we care about providing homeowners and investors with quality home repair services at a price they can afford. All of our State of Florida licensed roofers have the knowledge and experience to reroof a home with a replacement system that can withstand our state’s harsh heat, tropical storms, and regular precipitation. We have access to top notch roofing supplies from all leading manufacturers at a competitive price to restore asphalt, tile and flat roofs.

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