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Understanding How Your Insurance Works for Your Roof

If you have roof/property damage, call Central Homes and we will walk you through the process (be careful what you say to your own insurance company)

Following These Steps

  1. Check your insurance policy for deductible
    • A. Hurricane deductible is either $500 flat fee, 2%, 5%, or 10% of insured value of home
    • B. Wind and hail deductibles are generally a flat fee between $500-$2,500.
  2. The insurance adjuster will come to your house in “24 to 48” hours to assess all damages (roof, gutters, pool enclosure, pool screens, solar, hot water, pool panels, fence, siding, soffits, ac unit windows , window screens, garage door, tarping, tree removal, tree cutting, leaks at ceiling, walls, flooring, personal contents and anything else that may be damaged)
  3. Insurance company (within 2 weeks) will give you a line itemized quote for the damages assessed. Along with the first check.

Most homeowners will accept the assessment and the payout as it is originally given to them.
Most homeowners will accept the adjuster’ s opinion to deny the claim due to “lack of damage” which is only the adjuster’s opinion.

What Central Homes can do:

Our staff will call and follow-up on a daily basis on your claim. We invoice for absolutely every line item.

All Homeowner’s insurance policy covers all legal fees (no cost to homeowner no matter the outcome) should we need to file suit in order to get the claim paid (Majority of the time we do not need to file suit).

Central Homes’ team includes construction pros, insurance lawyers, adjusters, engineers, mold & mildew assessors, restoration experts (blowers, dehumidifiers).

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Step One:

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Step Two:

We’ll repair your roof and you won’t pay until it’s done.

Step Three:

Enjoy your safer & more energy-efficient roof.

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