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Tile Roof Products

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Bel air cutout graphic

Bel Air

The Bel Air profile is a flat, smooth tile that offers clean lines and versatility. It is fit for use on a variety of architectural styles. Plus, it allows you to go heavier on other exterior elements such as pavers, stonework and landscaping, all of which will dramatically complement your Bel Air concrete tile roof. The choices are endless!

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Capistrano cutout graphic


Our Capistrano is the most traditionally recognized of all tile profiles with it’s semi-cylindrical shape and high s-profile. While you may think a Capistrano tile roof is suitable for only Spanish or Italian architecture, it actually offers a stunning aesthetic that work well with any style. This options pairs nicely with stucco, stone or brick siding. It is used widely on residential, commercial, military, and institutional buildings throughout the United States.

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Double eagle bel air cutout graphic

Double Eagle
Bel Air

The Double Eagle Bel Air profile has a smooth surface coupled with a split tile appearance. This adds the right amount of subtle differentiation for a clean and classic look. The best part? It’s perfect for any residential or commercial project.

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Golden eagle cutout graphic

Golden Eagle

Emulate an upgraded wood shake look with the Golden Eagle tile. This tile’s profile combines a smooth, flat surface with a partial broom swept texture that immediately grabs your attention. This texture creates an intriguing design for a variety of architectural styles. It looks particularly nice on French Provincial homes.

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Malibu cutout graphic


Malibu tile has gentle curves, which adds visual interest and striking effects, easily complementing modern architectural designs and large buildings. It’s particularly effective on distinctive homes, apartments, hotels, places of worship and commercial structures. It’s the best of both worlds, where Mediterranean meets Contemporary.

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Ponderosa cutout graphic


A more durable and affordable alternative to natural wood shake, our Ponderosa tile has beautifully textured shadow lines that deliver a truly rustic wood appearance. If you are seeking remarkable curb appeal, a Ponderosa roof will complement many architectural styles including Prairie, Craftsman and Bungalow.

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