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Wind Damage Inspections & Repairs

High wind storms can cause serious damage to your home’s roof. If you’ve recently had a storm in your area and believe it may have caused damage to your roof, contact us for your free inspection.

Florida’s storms can bring in winds reaching over 100 mph. Winds from 35mph and up can crease or remove shingles.

Creased & missing shingles

What wind damage does to your roof

See damaged shingles up-close and personally. These can cause serious, long-lasting damage to your roof, so learn what they look like and get a roof inspection if you think your shingles may be damaged in any way.


Included with your roof

Free wind mitigation report

Get a free wind mitigation report completed after your new roof is installed. For absolutely no charge to you, ensure that your home is prepared to handle Florida’s storms.

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  • Documentation that your roof is secure

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Granule loss on shingles

Loose or lost granules

What to look for

Wind damage can cause the granules of your shingles to become loose and fall off. This weakens your shingles to the point that they are no longer protecting your roof. While we don’t advise that you climb on your roof to check, you can still check for loose granules running out of your gutters when it rains.

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